You won't find Adobe here in Nairobi.

Police officer: Malleo is Missing!


In Weegee's constant search for his brother, Malleo and Adobe, he found a place called Nairobi, hoping to find Adobe here, he decided to search the entire place. He even LITERALLY turned the entire city upside down and still found no Adobe.

Bowser's CastleEdit

In Bowser's Castle, he found his brother and Adobe, but Luigi took it and destroyed it.Adobe said OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then whoever had adobe flash player did not have it anymore beacuse he/she/it went and killed him/her/itself for not having a life in programming and the king of youtube said meh. Malleo lnjured weegee because he could not play flash games like Super Mario Flash.

Super Malleo FlashEdit

Super Malleo Flash is the most recent game Adobe appeared in. It is the final boss and is shunned because it looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ugly!!! Weegee says: "eh? this piece of **** is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO ugly, I'm not going to bother fighting it. I bet that if it looks in a mirror, it will kill itself because it is SOOOOOOOOOOO ugly!!!"
Adobe soooooooo ugly

soooooooooooooo ugly!

Boring things you should probably know but is sooooooooooooooo obvious: The reason why Adobe is sooooooooooo ugly in Super Malleo Flash is because it cloned Ganon's Face and pasted it on him/it/her/sooooooooooooooougly!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO boring detailsEdit

Weegee is known to have an Adobe Converter ability. He is searching for adobe so he can use that power to turn adobe into cheese for Malleo.