thumb|300px|right|Luigi sings his famous (and his favorite) song: The Bagel Song. Or is it the bagel?
"Or is it the Bagel?"

-Luigi to Yoshi.


Luigi LOVES bagels. This is proved by the fact that he talks about them all the time: "Stay here while I wring out my Bagel." "Who's a Bagelhead, Bagelface?!"


Weegee HATES Bagels. Whenever he's talking about bagels, it's something that kids do not want to hear: "I Hate Bagels. They look like ****!" "Bagels, they make me feel like ****!"


Mario is indifferent about bagels. He does like to teach the Cave People Bagelball.


Malleo is just the opposite of Mario (how?). Bagels affect his powers.

Boring DetailsEdit

You might not know it, but this page is riddles with bagels. O=Bagel. o=bagel.