thumb|right|300px|Billy Mays telling you the "fast and easy" way to kill your family. Also, this is one of his less fabulous moments."It's called the Ding King. It's the Ding King. It's the King. It's a Doozy."

Billy Mays, in one of his less fabulous moments.

Billy Mays is a guy who died, but was revived by the King of Youtube.

Personal BioEdit

Billy Mays spends most of his life selling failing products and some succeeding products (but mostly they fail) and using his powers of Marketing and selling things to get the moolah. He is currently a Katrillionaire and owns his own tank, forrtress, and his own state!!! He is currently bent on owning: "All of America as a start and then THE WORLD!!!! MAW HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!111!!!one!". He goes to Burger King regularly to steal BK's secret plans that have to do with world domination and his burger recipes. He also goes to Vince's place on a daily basis to steal his marketing ideas for his own personal gain.

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thumb|300px|right|Billy Mays, selling his "killer" product