Bowza is Teh Eveel Keeng Uv Teh Kupas. Hee iz vary vary bad and nastee and likes to be vary vary Eveel and bad. Did I mentiun that he wuz

Bowza, az hee appeerz in Nue Supah Malleo Broz Wee

vary vary bad?

Malleo BrozEdit

In Malleo Broz, hee desided too bloh uhp Da Mushrum Kingdum using hiz waight. Aftur desiding too doo that, Malleo and Weegee desided to bloh uhp Teh Eveel Keeng Uv Teh Kupas.

Thay faled and Bowza, Teh Eveel Keeng Uv Teh Kupas ehnded uhp destroying Moscow, Russia. Hee then proseeded too sae: "In Soviet Russia, Yuu Bloh Uhp Teh Bahmbs."

Supah Malleo BrozEdit

In Supah Malleo Broz, Bowza desided too destroi Toadz. Howehvah, Malleo and Weegee desided too destroi Bowza, Teh Eveel Keeng Uv Teh Kupa's Castel. Thay then proseeded too uze a Bahb-bahmbs too kil himm. Thay sucseeded and kiled him, butt hee reevived himsehlf uzing a won-up.

Weegee's Manseon.Edit

In Weegee's Manseon, Bowza waz a gohst. Hee tride too detroi Malleo uzing hiz inoremus waight. Itt faled, howevah, duu too Weegee comeeng in and herting Bowza.

Supah Malleo SunsheinEdit

In Supah Malleo Sunshein, Bowza desided too defeet Malleo wonse and fore ahll. Itt faled, howevah, beecuz Weegee caim in agane and hert Bowza.

Supah Malleo GalaxeeEdit

In Supah Malleo Galaxee, Bowza wunted too destroi Malleo and Weegee bi herting thair frehndz. Hee faled, howevah, beecuz Malleo and Weegee caim too him and kiked him in Teh Nuhtz.

Nue Supah Malleo BrozEdit

In Nue Supa Malleo Broz, Bowza desided too steel Da Mushrum Kingdum's mohst vowlyouuhbl eitum, Teh Kingdum Snaik. This faled, howevah, az Malleo brohke hiz tale and smashhd hiz handz.

Nue Supah Mallo Broz WeeEdit

In Nue Supah Malleo Broz Wee, Bowza stohle Teh Prinsess from Da Mushrum Kingdum. Howevah, Malleo and Weegee beet him intu the grownd and sehved Teh Prinsess.

Boreing DeetalesEdit

This Peige iz riddled with misstaikes beecuz Bowza wuz alsoh nohtoreus for misspehlleeng theengz.