In Malleo is missing Bully koopa or Roy koopa smacks your face soooooo hard you cry till Super Malleo Galaxy 55555555555 comes out. To beat him you musttttt!!!!!!!!!get fire flowers and chuck fireballs at him cuzzzzzzz he hates it then he crys so jump on him 2 times to beat him. After this Malleo sees Peech and she gives him a won up and Lemmy the clown takes Malleo away to World3eeeeeeeeee.Giant Roys castle crushes the evil Malleos. Weegee kicks Fateeio koopa into New Super Malleo Bros Wee. Toadeee the toadeee the toad kicks him. Waaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????? Buy my special World 2 tower for 2000 stars. Noooooo!!!!! They fought. Toadee the toadee the toad lost 58383894574673284 HP and HP sauce. Noooooo you fat koopa!!!! Toadeee the toadeee the toad was locked up in Fatieo koopas castle