Goomba Trooper
Goomba Trooper
A Goomba Trooper with his Goomba Blaster


Goomba/Human hybrid


Goomba Blaster

Powers and Abilities:


Notable Members:


First Appearance:

Mario Wars: Hotel Commando

Latest Appearance:

Mario Wars: The Goomba Wars: Hotel Heroes

"The Next Generation of Goombas are here? Well, lets hope they're smarter than these guys!"

---Bowser, hoping the Goomba Troopers are smarter than the average Goomba.

The Goomba Troopers made only two appearances and they were the successful Mario Wars: Hotel Commando and the so called sequel to it called Mario Wars: The Goomba Wars: Hotel Heroes.


There was an ad for them in which Bowser found interesting. Here are the words printed on the ad:

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