the Kupalings

Loodwig von Kupa (Kuky von Kupa)

Lemmee Kupa (Hip Kupa)

Roi Kupa (Boolee Kupa)

Iggee Kupa (Hop Kupa)

Wendee O. Kupa (Kuty Pi Kupa)

Mortun Kupa Jr. (Big Mowth Kupa Jr.)

Larree Kupa (Cheatsee Kupa)

The Kupalings are Da Mushrum Kingdum equivalent to the Koopalings

New Super Malleo Bros WiiEdit

In New Super Malleo Bros Wii, The Kupalings can be seen arguing with the Koopalings at the end.

Super Malleo World TV SeriesEdit

In the Super Malleo World TV Series, they can still be seen arguing with the Koopalings.

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