Larree, in his full cowardliness

Larree Kupa, full name Prince Kupas Gumbas Lakitoous Octoberus Mushrumus Giovanni Larree the First, is Da Mushrum Kingdum equivalent to Larry Koopa.

Malleo Is MissingEdit

In Malleo is Missing, Larree is fought, but to no avail. He hides like the coward he is.

Hotel MalleoEdit

In Hotel Malleo, Larree used his ability to destroy Malleo. However, he ran away like the coward he is.

Boring DetailsEdit

Larree's name was originally going to go like Prince Koopa Goomba Lakitu October Mushroom Giovanni Larree the First, but this was destroyed because it would remind people too much of Prince Koopas Goombas Lakituas Octoberas Mushroomas Giovanni Larry the First.

When Larree speaks, he sometimes says "hobitybobityghorftourituyvenadsoeirhtoeoqwrhuhwehdkjgksjdabnnreoiweoutz". Translated, he is saying "This is stupid! Can't I do something other than fighting? I hate fighting."