Malleo is missing

Malleo is Missing!

Malleo is Missing! is the game where Weegee and Malleo make their first appearance.

Da Mushrum KingdumEdit

In Da Mushrum Kingdum, Weegee learned of a mystical place called Bowser's Castle. He also gets hints from Peech and Daizee.

New York City, New YorkEdit

Here you face Larry Koopa. he uses his wand as well as his shell. He learned a new move known as Shell Shocker.

Chicago, IllinoisEdit

Here you face Roy Koopa. He uses his shell and wand and he uses his new move called Face Smack.

Hollywood, CaliforniaEdit

Here you face Lemmy Koopa. He uses his wand, ball, and shell. He also uses a new move called Koopa Kall.

Orlando, FloridaEdit

Here you face Wendy O. Koopa. She uses her shell and wand. She also uses a new move called Ring Throw. If you don't beat her she destroys disney world! Ahhh! Aww come on! Mickey minnie donald and friends all die! Wahh booo!

Dallas, TexasEdit

Here you face Iggy Koopa. He uses his shell and wand. He also uses his new move called Chain Call.

Area 51, NevadaEdit

Here you face a bunch of UFO Koopas. You also face Morton Koopa Jr. He uses his shell, his wand, and his bulk. He also uses a new move called Morton Assault.

Nairobi, KenyaEdit

In Nairobi, Weegee was on a constant search for Adobe, but never found it. Here you face Ludwig von Koopa. He uses his wand, shell, and his superior intellect. He also uses a new move called Loony Ludwig Strike.

Bowser's CastleEdit

In Bowser's Castle, you face the big guy himself. Bowser uses his shell, fire breath, Koopa Clown Car, and his new magic wand. Weegee finally found his brother and Adobe, but Luigi took it and destroyed it.

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