Mario head

Mario's Head, staring at Weegee.

Hello, its-a, Mario. And I want to thank you for choosing Mario Teaches-a Typing.

Oh, boy. I finally get to move on the ground.

Imma gonna fly for you.

Oh. Nice computer you have here. Can I have it.

One. Two. Three. Wee.

Oh sorry. Its-a hard for you. But easy for my. You know why?

I ain't got no body.

Just a few of Mario's Head's many quotes.

Mario Head BirthEdit

Mario once got his head cloned and made it live using a ton of spaghetti and chocolate. he made it allergic to milk and bagels.


In the UnYoshiWorld War I, Mario's Head was told to go into the enemy base. Last anyone heard of him, he was trying to use a fork!

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