The Force of Murio!

"It's called the Force of Murio! Get it right!"

--Murio, telling Loigi what his special move is called.

Murio is the Alternate Universe counterpart of Mario. He is a cross between Malleo and a Starman, as he can turn anyone and anything into anything and is invincible.

He was born in the Sturman Region of Alternate Universe. He has a brother named Loigi.

Relations with CharactersEdit

Murio's relations with the different characters are as they follow:

Loigi Edit

Loigi is Murio's brother. Sure they fight a lot, but they love each other to the end.

Princess LemonEdit

Princess Lemon is one of Murio's many girlfriends. She loves him and he loves her.


Paulie is another one of Murio's girlfriends. They were together ever since "Dunky Kung."


Tood is one of Murio's best friends. Murio trusts Tood and Tood trusts Murio.

Princess LilyEdit

Princess Lily and Murio have only been seen competing with each other in Golfing games, Kart Racing games, Parties, and other things.


Murio and Dowser are sworn enemies. They've fought each other ever since "Murio Bros."

Dowser Jr.Edit

Murio and Dowser are also sworn enemies. They've fought each other ever since "Super Murio Sunshine."


The Kopalings have fought Murio ever since "Super Murio Bros. 3."

King BowEdit

King Bow and Murio have had no quarrel between them, but Murio did kidnap King Bow in "Loigi's Mansion."