Toadz character

Toadz, as he appears in New Super Malleo Bros Wii

Toadz is a character who's been helping Malleo and Weegee since Super Malleo Sunshine.

Super Malleo SunshineEdit

In Super Malleo Sunshine, Toadz gave Malleo F.L.U.H.D (Flash Liquidating Ultra Heating Device).

Super Malleo GalaxyEdit

In Super Malleo Galaxy, Toadz helped Malleo by giving him Coyns (Da Mushrum Kingdum Equivalent to the Golden Coins).

New Super Malleo BrosEdit

In New Super Malleo Bros, Toadz helped Malleo by giving him powerups like Da Propellor Mushrum and Da Fire Flower.

New Super Malleo Bros WiiEdit

In New Super Malleo Bros Wii, Toadz helped Malleo by letting him use the HINT! HINT! I CAN GIVE YOU A HINT!!! TVs.

Super Malleo Galaxy 2Edit

Toadz made a small apperance as a disembodied head. This would indicate that he was killed somehow.