The UnYoshiWorld is a world that contains random things and events like the UnYoshiWorld War I and the UnYoshiWorld War II. It was also the sight of the E-P-I-C UnYoshiWorld WaWaWeegee-Walleo War.

WARS and other JUNKEdit

20000-BVGW-UnYoshiWorld is born

10000-BVGW-UnYoshiWorld WaWaWeegee-Walleo Wars

9000 BVGW-Weegee Wars

8000 BVGW-Malleo Wars

7000 BVGW-Mario Wars

6000 BVGW-Luigi Wars

5000 BVGW-Yoshi Wars

4000 BVGW-Yushi Wars

3000 BVGW-Bowser-Bowza Wars

2000 BVGW-UnYoshiWorld War I

1000 BVGW-UnYoshiWorld War II

0000 VGW-UnYoshiWorld takes part in the Videogame Wars of the UnWorld Cosmos; UnYoshiWorld cries like little baby and decides to blow up Austrailia

1000 AVGW-UnYoshiWorld was thrown into *gasp* peace after the Videogame Wars

2000-AVGW-UnYoshiWorld discovers UnMarioWorld

3000-AVGW-At the Court of the Planet Earth, UnYoshiWorld pleads guilty for blowing up Austrailia, and for freedom, agrees to give Earth the location of New Austrailia

4000-AVGW-Malleo ventures into space to repair the Weegee Comet

5000-AVGW-Malleo and Weegee rescue Peech from Bowza twice, once at Breakfast, and once at Dinner

6000-AVGW-Malleo returns to space to stop Bowza from destroying the Weegee Comet

7000-AVGW-UnYoshiWorld grows tired of peace and starts a nuclear war with UnLuigiWorld

8000-AVGW-War with UnLuigiWorld ends when UnLuigiWorld leader kills himelf and rest of world with a Super Nuclear Bomb

9000-AVGW-A rip is discovered leading to UnMarioWorld. Chuck Norris sacrifices Weegee (UnMarioWorld) to save both worlds then sacrifices himself (oh rly?) to keep them alive

10000-AVGW-UnYoshiWorld, UnMarioWorld, and UnLuigiWorld begin competing for the spot in "Best UnWorld Ever!!!"

20000-AVGW-UnYoshiWorld begins dying due to unknown virus

30000-AVGW-UnYoshiWorld contains the virus on a moon 300 miles away from the main planet and begins to cure the infected; UnYoshiWorld begins to recover from virus.

40000-AVGW-UnYoshiWorld is plagued by Supercell Storms and major cities are destroyed.