"Hey, Malleo! Are you here or not!!!"

Weegee yelling for Malleo.

Weegee's Mansion was an amazing game that was promoted to a Supah Game.

Area OneEdit

In Area One, Weegee found out that King Bu was planning to use Malleo's ability to rule the world by using Malleo's ability to turn everyone into Bu's.

Area TwoEdit

Area Two was where Weegee faced King Bu himself. He flipped, flopped, and slapped and chopped, but it was to no avail for he himself became a Weegee and was ordered to jump off a cliff, therefore killing himself.

Boring DetailsEdit

Due to the fact that it was TOO easy, Weegee's Mansion was promoted to Supah Game and at the same time demoted to Sucky Game.

The Graphics were so boring that even in the game, if you let Weegee do nothing for three seconds, he would fall asleep.